Chez Sica île aux Nattes version françaiseChez Sica île aux Nattes version françaiseBungalows chez Sica - Île aux nattes - Madagascar

Chez Sica, sur l'île aux Nattes, addresses.

There are two banks at Sainte-Marie,BFV using Visa card and BOA using Mastercard, but often out of order, anticipate some cash money.

There are two medication stores in town, not really pharmacy, you can anticipate medics in Antananarivo.

Some hotels have wifi, otherwise there are some cyber-cafés in Sainte-Marie or you can buy a 3g key in town.

For reading, French Alliance at the north of Ambodifotatra.

Night-clubs : La Case à Nono, at the south of Sainte-Marie, open thursday, saturday and days before day off.
La Polina-Baramix, discothèque in town, open wednesday, friday and sunday.

On Nattes Island, "la case à Beby" every saturday in the village, bush ambience.

Air Madagascar Sainte-Marie , : (020) 57 400 46 ou 032 033 22 24.
Air Madagascar Tananarive : (020) 22 510 00,

Boats Sainte Marie-Soanierana Ivongo, start from Madagascar, about 10 a.m., start from Ambodifotatra at 6 a.m. every day, depending of the sea :
Cap Sainte-Marie : 00 261 20 57 400 36
Gasykara :

Diving : Mahery-be à Vohilava au sud :, Tél.Fax 57 401 48 et 032 07 90 639
Le Lémurien palmé, in town:
Motor-bikes rental : Frank, 034 13 653 61,
Some bars : la Banane, with billard, restaurant, rooms : tél, 032 022 80 26,

Restaurants :
"Chez Julienne"en ville, the best calamar at Madagascar.
"Le petit Angelo" beside Western Union, good pizzas ans pasta.
"La Bigorne" in town with nice bungalows,cheap various menu.
"La Rozina", near French Alliance, good gargote.
"A bord'eaux", on pirates cemetery path, very good table in a luxuriuous vegetation.

Consul honoraire de France, M.Ravelo, hôtel Lakana : 032 070 90 22
Représentant consulaire Suisse : M.Mayer, Hôtel Princess Bora , Tél : 032 070 90 48

Websites :
With Ago,for uncommon joyrides.
Joyrides Sainte-Marie